Apple Moderation Nazis

I have posted to the “apple support communities” (forums) and from time to time had my postings rejected because of moderator interpretation of what is politically correct (pc). Apple owns their forums so it’s not like anyone actually has a say in how or when a posting will be rejected.

It’s a pisser for sure, and mainly because I believe people have a right to say what’s on their minds regardless of whether we agree with them or not, especially if the comments are actually relevant to the discussion at hand. But apple likes to “shape” their users comments to suit their own agenda. God forbid we might express less than the optimal customer experience which, in turn, might have microscopic effects on apple’s already grotesque profits.

Recently I posted a rating and review for a LaCie 2 GB Thunderbolt external hard drive to apple’s store. Reviews, like forum postings are highly scrutinized by the pc nazis at apple, and, like the forums, apple will circumcise your review if they don’t like what you say, or the way you say it. Perhaps it’s just me. In a world populated by billions I’m so important as to be singled out by goliath for personal rejection. Hardly. But I do find rejections without explanation, recourse, or appeal, well, offensive. Perhaps as offensive as apple found my review.

Here, you be the judge:

May 2, 2012
Submitted for review (never posted or acknowledged):

Buyers Beware! Known Thunderbolt Conflict with MS Office

Written by <redacted> from <somewhere in california>

The following is reproducible:

LaCie Thunderbolt Drives create a licensing incompatibility with MS Office products. When the drive is not attached, MS Office works fine. Mount the drive and start MS Office. Office will throw up a window requesting you enter your product key. If you don’t have your key you are out of luck. Close office, dismount the drive and Office will load just fine.

In short, you will have to alternate your use of not only Thunderbolt drives, but any thunderbolt device (such as an external monitor) with any MS Office product.

I wish, in my research, I had run across this issue before I committed to purchase this Thunderbolt drive otherwise I would have saved my money until the issue was fully resolved.

Frankly, I’m not sure who is responsible for the problem (Apple, LaCie, Intel, or Microsoft) and frankly I just don’t care. When I buy a product that professes compatibility with my systems I expect either full compatibility or full and complete disclosure of any and all issues, conflicts, and incompatibilities. Consequently, each of these manufacturers are culpable and should have delivered (after at least 4 months of being aware of the problems) a solution by now.

I’m highly disappointed.

Having sad that. The drive I purchased has very low fan noise and appears to handle data transferred as advertised. But beware. If you need to use the drive 24/7 be sure to check the compatibility with your important applications before you commit.

Wow! Was that harsh? Really?!

Apple's way of saying fuck you mr. customer

Apple correctly states that I have “already” reviewed their product. They just never published it or bothered to inform me they weren’t going to publish it. Basically it was a “fuck you mr. customer. you’re screwed and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.” Talk about your passive aggression. Maybe there’s nothing I can do about it on apple’s site directly, but “nothing”? Really?

Thanks Blogosphere! Thanks for helping me give birth to my first indignant outrage.